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Online appointment scheduling for all firearms applicants. Click "Appointments" button below for details.
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Application appointments are now scheduled exclusively online. Click the "Appointments" button above for instructions.
HPD no longer offers the Firearms Safety Class. Click the "Required Safety Course" button above for alternate locations.
05/30/2011 The FRB has announced that effective June 1, 2011, the paper FA10 (transfer of firearms) form will no longer be accepted. An electronic form E-FA-10 is taking it's place.
All firearms application appointments (new and renewal) are scheduled online.
HPD recommends that all qualified applicants apply for a Class A License to Carry rather than a Class B LTC or an FID card. If you are issued a lesser license and then wish to own a handgun in the future, you would need to reapply for the Class A including an additional $100 fee.
Applications are accepted by appointment only. We do not have resources to accommodate walk-ins. Appointments are scheduled online.
Expect 12+ weeks or more to process your application through the state, due to high volume. Plan accordingly. The fall season is particulary busy for the FRB, so don't wait until September to apply or renew for hunting season. College students applying for mace permits are advised to begin in May.
LTCs and FIDs are good for 6 years before requiring renewal. If you are renewing an FID card or a LTC, you must use your old card until it expires. Your new card is not valid until the old one expires.
All applications are subject to a background check and the approval of the Chief of Police.
If you are from out-of-state or are planning to travel out-of-state, check the laws of your state of residence, Massachusetts, and all states or countries you will travel through before transporting and/or using firearms interstate or out of the country. Laws vary widely, so know them before you travel!  We are providing a link to the Wikipedia website for your convenience, but the Holden Police Department cannot vouch for the reliability of outside websites and will not be held responsible for their accuracy .
All applicants please note that due to high volume, turnaround time through the State can be 12+ weeks.
Renewal applicants are advised to begin the application procedure 3 months prior to expiration.
All applicants, new and renewal, for all LTC and FID cards must complete the FRB Application Form.
All new applicants except for Class D (chemical propellant only) must complete the State-required safety course. Active military personnel are also exempt from this requirement.
All applicants, new and renewal, for all LTC and FID cards must complete an application appointment at their local police department.
Applicable fee is paid at the application appointment.
Use our Checklist to make sure you have everything ready for your application appointment.
After the application appointment is complete, expect to wait up to 12+ weeks to receive your card in the mail (if approved).
Applications are accepted by appointment only. We do not have the resources to accomodate walk-ins.
Appointments are scheduled online only. A valid email address is required.
New Class A, B, and C applicants must take the State-required class prior to scheduling an appointment. Active military personnel are exempt from this requirement.
Use our Checklist to make sure you have everything.
Expect to spend 30 minutes at your appointment.
New applicants only: Full fingerprints are required. They are done at your appointment.
Do not bring your own photographs. We are required to use the State webcam. No extra fee for photos.
Please don't wear red. Your face will turn green (just in the photo, not permanently).
If you can't come, cancel your appointment online as soon as you know. No-shows may be required reschedule the following month or later.
Bring everything with you, or you may be required to forfeit your appointment and have to return in a subsequent month.
Our online appointment system will send you a confirmation email. Check your SPAM folder if you don't receive it in your inbox.
Appointment blocks are scheduled one month at a time. If the current month and next month have no openings, future months won't yet, either. Bookmark the page and keep checking back.
Note: Clicking the button above will open a secure website outside of holdenpd.com. Follow the on-screen instructions.
A Massachusetts Certified Firearms Safety Course -or- a Basic Hunter Education Course is required for all NEW Class A, B, or C applicants, except active military personnel.
HPD is no longer offering classes. Click below for alternative course information:
Suggested places to try:
Please let us know of any other locations we can add to our list. Thank you!
License to Carry (LTC)
Class A:
Handguns, large-capacity handguns, rifles and shotguns.
Class B:
Non-large-capacity handguns, rifles and shotguns.
Firearms ID Card (FID)
Class C:
Non-large capacity rifles and shotguns (commonly used for hunting purposes).
Class D:
For chemical propellant (mace / pepper spray) possession and use only.
For more detailed definitions & Special Purpose license information (i.e. machine guns, collectors), refer to:
Massachusetts Firearms Record Bureau website.
All fees are payable by cash or check/money order made payable to the Holden Police Department
Age 70 and over licensing fee (renewals only) is waived per State of Massachusetts
Purpose Amount When paid
LTC Class A/B $100.00 Application Appointment
FID Class C (age 18+) $100.00 Application Appointment
FID Class C (< age 18) $ 25.00 Application Appointment
LTC/FID Class A/B/C age 70 or over is new applicant $100.00 Application Appointment
LTC/FID CLass A/B/C age 70 or over if renewal applicant n/c n/a
LTC/FID Class A/B/C Retired Law Enforcement up to age 70 $ 25.00 Application Appointment
FID Class D (New applicants) $ 25.00 Application Appointment
FID Class D (Renewals) n/c n/a
Active Law Enforcement personnel please see special fee schedule below
Law Enforcement Personnel Fee Schedule
This table lists the application fee only. A class fee may also apply.
The following fees apply to active law enforcement personnel under age 70. Retired and/or age 70 and over please see above table.
Position Fee When paid
Sworn municipal police officers - Holden residents only $25.00 Application Appointment @ HPD
Dept of Corrections employees / corrections officers $100.00 Application Appointment @ HPD
Mass State Police troopers Issued by MSP per MSP
Mass State Police special officers Issued by MSP Framingham per MSP
All applicants for any LTC or FID, new or renewal, must complete a state application form.
Outlines the application process, disqualifying factors, types of permits, fees, etc.
A handy checklist to help you keep track of the elements required for your appointment.
If you move, file this with the Police Chief of your new and old towns within 30 days of your move.
If your application has been denied, file this form to ask the State for reconsideration.
E-FA-10 Form (replaces paper FA10) State firearms transfer and surrender - effective June 1, 2011
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