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Here at the Holden Police Department, we receive requests for reports every day. This page clarifies which calls are simply entered in our log vs. which calls are likely to generate a police report. Also included is an outline of our policy for releasing information, and a Report Request Form is available for printing.
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Legislation signed into law by Governor Patrick in August of 2014 restricts the public release of any police records pertaining to domestic violence and abuse. This includes incident reports, log entries, and arrest records. See MGL Ch 41 §97D and MGL Ch 41 §98F for more information.

Many people who request police reports are actually referring to incidents which did not generate a report, but are simply entries in our log.

Our daily logs are public information and may be reviewed at HPD during normal business hours free of charge by coming to the station and requesting them by date and time. The logs we make available for public review remain in the station at all times. Basic information about every call and the details of each arrest are available on the Call Logs page of this website.

Examples of calls which would be log entries but may not generate a report are: Animal complaints, non-reportable accidents*, minor neighbor disputes, minor vandalism, motor vehicle stops, reports of suspicious vehicles or persons, medical assists, false burgular alarms, public service calls, etc.

Examples of calls which generally generate a report are: Domestic disturbances, all arrests and protective custody, reportable accidents*, breaking & entering, suspected criminal activity, reported sex crimes, assault & battery, etc.

* Click the "Definitions" button on our Accident Assistance page for an explanation of reportable vs. non-reportable accidents.

All requests are subject to review before being fulfilled and may not be immediately available. The law allows us 10 business days to respond to requests; we usually fill them within a few days for your convenience.
It is our goal to provide the public with access to information legally defined as public, while maintaining the coinfidentiality of information exempted from release by law. Therefore if approved, the report you receive may have some information redacted (blacked out). Some examples of potential exemptions include:
cases/accidents/incidents which are currently under investigation
social security numbers, dates of birth, phone numbers, etc. of involved parties
information regarding an individual's health issues (HIPAA)
criminal records protected by CORI (Criminal Offender Record Information) statute
reports involving juveniles
information indicating the ownership or location of firearms
confidential witness, victim, or informant data
materials which, if disclosed, "would probably so prejudice the possibility of effective law enforcement that such disclosure would not be in the public interest" - Ch4, Sec 7(26)(f).
  Other exemptions may apply. The Chief of Police will approve or deny all requests.
Per the Massachusetts Abuse Prevention Act (209A), domestic disturbance reports are available free of charge to the victim.
We will use the information you provide on your request form to comply with your request. It is important to note that your request itself is a public record and may be released under the provisions of the Massachusetts Public Records Act. We will not release this information for any other reason.

Our incident and arrest reports are available to the public subject to the approval of the Chief of Police. If you have not reviewed our policy regarding the release of reports, you may wish to read it to determine if the call you are interested in is likely to have generated a report.

Although much incident and arrest information is considered public, some of it is not. A partial list of exemptions is included in the HPD Policy section of this page. It is important to note that while juvenile arrest reports may be released to a subject's parents, a person 18 years of age or older* is considered an adult in Massachusetts so some of their arrest information may be protected by CORI law. Therefore, a person aged 18 or older* must request their own report; it cannot usually be released to his or her parents.

If you would like to request an incident or arrest report, print out our Request Form and submit it per the instructions outlined there. For fee guidelines, link to the Fees section of this page.

* The age considered "adult" in Massachusetts was legally changed from 17 to 18 on September 18, 2013 at 2:50 PM.

Our accident reports are available to the public subject to the approval of the Chief of Police. Some accidents are considered non-reportable and may not have generated a police report. In addition, many people confuse police accident reports and the Information Exchange Form. Please link to our Accident Assistance page for more information.

Reports regarding accidents under investigation are not available to the public. For more information about what may and may not be available to you, please link to the HPD Policy section of this page.

Special Note: For insurance purposes, you insurance company should issue their own request to us and pay the appropriate fee on your behalf. You may request a copy of the police accident report for your own information, but you are not required to purchase a copy for your insurance company.

If you would like to request an accident report, print out our Request Form and submit it per the instructions. For fee guidelines, link to the Fees section of this page. You may also purchase a copy of your accident report online, by clicking the button below. An additional convenience fee applies.

The following guidelines apply to the fees we charge for police reports. If your request is denied, your fee will be refunded. If your request is approved but information is redacted, the full fee applies. All fees are payable at the time your request form is filed with us. If an additional sum is required, we will notify you and the additional amount will be payable when you pick up your report. If you request that your report be emailed to you, the fee must be prepaid (no exceptions).
Report Type
Arrest / Incident
$5 for typical report
MV Accident
$5 for typical report / additional convenience fee if purchased online
Domestic Violence
Free to victim; $5 to others unless archived or lengthy
Identity Theft
Free to victim; $5 to others unless archived or lengthy
Archived Reports
Requires additional fee. We will contact you if this will exceed $10
Lengthy Reports
Requires additional fee. We will contact you if this will exceed $10
Fill out our Request Form to obtain a police report for incidents, accidents (unless purchased online), or arrests. Click the button below to link to the form. The form cannot be submitted online. Print it, fill it out, and mail or drop it off to us with payment at: Holden, MA 01520.
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