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 About HPD
  Message from the Chief
    E-mail the Chief
    Annual Report
  Contact Us
    Phone Numbers
    E-mail Addresses
    Address & Directions
    Anonymous Crime Tips
    How to request services such
    as car seat installations,
    fingerprinting, etc.
    Parking Considerations
    Traffic Enforcement Requests
    Anonymous Crime Tips
    Obtaining Police Reports
  HPD in the News
    News articles about HPD
  2007 Community Survey
  Department History
    Written History
    Photo Gallery
    1964 Call Logs
  Holden Police Association
    Annual 5k Race
  Patch Requests
    2008 Ice Storm
    Holiday Card Contests
    Public Safety Days
    Partnership 5K Races
... and other events
    Annual Reports
    Call Logs
    Press Releases
 Information & Education
  D.A.R.E. Website (link)
    Definitions & Laws
    Course Requirement
    Link to State Website/FAQs
    Application Procedure
    Application & Other Forms
    Appointment Scheduling
  Identity Theft
    Definition & Law
    Affidavit form
  Links of Interest
    State Government Offices
    Massachusetts State Police
    Local Media & Weather
    Wachusett School District
    Town of Holden
    Public Service Websites
  Sex Offender Information
    Obtaining sex offender info
    Information for offenders
    Link to State website
    Link to National website
    Link to Family Watchdog
    Safety Tips for Kids
    Sex Offender Registry law
    Request for Information Form
    Forms for Offenders
    Sample Level 2 Notice
 Traffic & Safety
  Accident Assistance
    Accident Checklist
    Accident Forms
    Requesting an accident report
    Mapquest Map of Holden
    Registry of Motor Vehicles Link
    E_Mail alert system
  Anonymous Tips
    Crime Control & Prevention
  Animal Control
    Emergency Procedures
    Domestic Animal Issues
    Wildlife Issues
    Lost & Found
    Shelters & Adoptions
    Laws & Licensing
    Contacts & Links
  Motorized Scooter Law (link)
  Radar & Traffic Control
    Radar location schedule
    Traffic alerts
Enforcement requests
  Tickets and Stops
    Different Types of Tickets
    Civil vs. Criminal Charges
    Speeding and Parking Fines
    Traffic Stop Protocol and FAQs
    Leominster District Court
    Fitchburg District Court
    Worcester Juvenile Court
    Worcester Superior Court
    Mass. Traffic Laws
    Mass. Driver's Manual
    RMV Junior Operator
    Online Citation Payment
    Parking Ticket Appeal Form
  Links of Interest
    Public Service Websites
 Call Logs & Statistics
  Weekly Call Log Reports
  Archived Call Log Reports
  Retro (1960s) Call Logs
  Crime & Call Statistics
    Crimes Reported
    Misc. Statistics
  Police Reports
      Report Release Policy
      Report Request Form
 Forms & Online Transactions
  Criminal Information Forms
    Criminal Records (self)
    Criminal Records (public)
    Other Misc. Criminal Forms
  Firearms Forms
    Application for License
    Change of Address
    Review Board Petition
  Holden (Town) Forms
    Solicitor Permit Application
    Request for Parking Ticket Hearing
  Holden (Town) Transactions
    Pay a Parking TIcket Online
  Holden Police Dept. Forms
      Request for Police Report
  Identity Theft Forms (link)
    Affidavit Form
  Motor Vehicle Forms
      Operator's Crash Report
      Request for HPD Report
      Change of Address
      Handicap Parking Abuse
      Pay a Citation (ticket)
      Other Registry Forms
      Other Registry Online Transactions
  Sex Offender Registry Forms
      Request for S/O Information
      S/O Registration/Change of Address
      S/O Registration Instructions
  Traffic Enforcement Request
      Request traffic patrols in a certain area
 Links to Outside Websites
  Links of Interest
    (see Info & Educ for listing)
AAA Senior Drivers (link)
AAA Traffic Safety (link)
Abuse, Domestic (link)
Abuse, Handicap Parking (form)
Accident Assistance
Accident Checklist
Accident Report Form (Crash Report)
Accident Report, Online (link)
Accident Report, Police
Accident Terminology / Definitions
Address, Mailing
Affidavit, Identity Theft (link)
Alerts, Traffic
Animal Laws 
Animal Control, Contact Info
Anonymous Crime Tip Submission
Annual Report
Annual Reports, Archived
Archives, Annual Reports
Archives, Photos (Scrapbooks)
Archives, Police CallLogs
Archives, Press Releases
Arrest Report, Police
Articles, Newspaper
Asian Longhorned Beetle (link)
Association, Holden Police
Beetle, Asian Longhorned (link)
Budgets, HPD Historical
Call Logs
Call Logs, Archived
Call Logs, Retro (1960s)
Car Seat Installations
Car Seat Safety (links)
Charges, Civil (traffic)
Charges, Criminal (traffic)
Checklist, Accident
Chief's Message
Children, Safety re: Sex Offenders (link)
Citation (Ticket) Appeal
Citation (Ticket), Online Payment
Civil Charges (traffic)
Class, Firearms
Clinic, Rabies
Closures, Road
Community Survey (2007)
Complaint, Motor Vehicle Stop
Considerations, Parking
Contact Us (phone/email/address)
Contest, Holiday Cards
CORI Requests (forms)
Courthouses, directions / information
Court, Fitchburg District
Court, Leominster District
Court, Worcester Juvenile
Court, Worcester Superior
Courtesy Notice
Crash Report Form
Crimes, Reporting (anonymous tips)
Criminal Charges (traffic)
Criminal Information Requests (forms)
D.A.R.E. Website (link)
Details, Private Duty
Directions, Police Station
Dogs, Issues and Laws
Domestic Abuse Resources (link)
Donations, to Holden Police Association
Driver's Manual
Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) (link)
E-911 State Website (link)
E-Mail Addresses
E-Mail Alerts
Emergency Phone Number - 911
Enforcement, Requests for
FAQs, Traffic Stops
Family Watchdog (link)
Fingerprinting Service
Fines, Parking
Fines, Speeding
Firearms Application Process
Firearms Identification Card/FID
Firearms Laws/Info/Class
Firearms Record Bureau (link)
Fitchburg District Court
Forms, Accident Reporting
Forms, Change of Address (RMV, FIrearms, Sex Offender)
Forms, Criminal Information
Forms, Firearms
Forms, Holden Police Department
Forms, Holden, Town of
Forms, Identity Theft Affidavit
Forms, Police Report Request
Forms, Registry of Motor Vehicles
Forms, Sex Offender Registry
Freq. Asked Questions, Traffic Stops
Fundraising, Holden Police Association
HCTV (Holden Community TV) (link)
Handicap Parking Abuse (form)
History of Holden Police Department
Holden Area Links
Holden Police Association
Holden, Sex Offenders in
Holden, Town of (link)
Holiday Card Contests
Hurricane Preparedness (link)
Ice Storm Photos (2008)
Identity Theft (link)
Incident Report, Police
Installations, Car Seat (child)
Junior Operator (RMV)
Kids, Safety re: Sex Offenders (link)
Landmark, The (newspaper) (link)
Law, Animal Control
Law, Firearms
Law, Leash
Law, Mass. General (link)
Law, Motorized Scooter (link)
Law, Public Information
Law, Sex Offender Registry (link)
Leominster District Court
License, Dog
License to Carry/LTC (firearms)
Links to Outside Websites
Mace (Pepperspray) Permit
Mailing Address
Map, Holden Streets (Mapquest)
Maps, Sex Offender (familywatchdog link)
Mass. General Laws (link)
Mass. Motorized Scooter Law (link)
Mass. State Agency/ Government Links
Mass. State Police (link)
Media Links
Missing Children (link)
Mission Statement
Motor Vehicle Search
Motorized Scooter Law (link)
MySpace Safety Game
NCMEC (National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (link)
NECN (TV) (link)
NHTSA (Nat'l Highway Traffic Safety Administration) (link)
NSOPR (National Sex Offender Public Registry) (link)
Newspaper Articles
Operator's Crash Report Form
Parking Considerations
Parking Fines
Parking Tickets
Parking Ticket Hearing Request Form
Parking Ticket Online Payment
Patches, Requests for
Pepperspray (Mace) Permit
Pet Issues
Phone Numbers (HPD)
Photos, Historical
Photos, Events
Police Logs, Archived
Police Logs, Current
Police Logs, Retro (1960s)
Police Report, for Accident
Police Report, for Arrest
Police Report, for Incident
Police Report, Online Purchase (accidents)
Police Report Request Form
Press Releases, archived
Press Releases, current
Private Duty Details
Protocol, Traffic Stop
Public Information Law
Public Safety Day, photos
Public Service Links
Rabies Clinic, Annual
Race, Annual 5k
Race Application Form
Race, Scrapbook (2007)
Radar Locations Schedule
Radio Stations (links)
Registry of Motor Vehicles (link)
Registry of Motor Vehicles (forms)
Report, Accident
Report, Accident: Online
Report, Arrest
Report, Incident
Report, Police
Reporting a Crime (anonymous tip)
Requests, Traffic Patrols
Safety Tips for Kids (re: Sex Offenders) (link)
School District (link)
Scooter, Motorized - Mass. Law (link)
Search, Motor Vehicle
Services, by Police Department
Sex Offender Forms (links)
Sex Offender Information, general
Sex Offender Level 2 Notice - Sample
Sex Offender Maps (familywatchdog link)
Sex Offender Public Registry-Nat'l (link)
Sex Offender Registry Board-Mass. (link)
Sex Offender Safety Tips for Kids (link)
Sex Offenders in Holden
Sex Offense Victim Services (link)
Solicitor Permit Form
Speeding Enforcement Request
Speeding Fines
Speeding Tickets
State Government Links
State Police (link)
Statistics, Arrest/Crimes/Misc.
Statistics, Historical
Stop (Traffic), Protocol
Subscription, EMail Alerts
Survey, Community (2007)
Teen Drivers (Jr. Operators - RMV)
Theft, Identity (link)
Ticket (Citation) Payment (online transaction)
Ticket, Parking
Ticket, Parking, Hearing Request
Ticket, Parking, Online Payment
Ticket, Speeding
Tickets, Traffic
Tickets, Types of
Tips, Anonymous Crime
Town of Holden (link)
Town of Holden (forms)
Traffic Alerts
Traffic Enforcement Request
Traffic Safety Details (private duty)
Traffic Stop Protocol
Traffic Stops
Traffic Tickets
TV Stations (links)
Victim Services, Sex Offenses (link)
Wachusett Regional School District (link)
Warnings, Verbal and Written (traffic)
WCTR TV (link)
Weather (link)
Wildlife Issues
Worcester Juvenile Court
Worcester Superior Court
Worcester Telegram & Gazette (link)
Worcester Magazine (link)
WTAG Radio (link)
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